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Our Approach to Harnessing Innate Immunity

The power of the immune system to fight disease has intrigued scientists for centuries, but we have only scratched the surface of what is possible when we harness its power to fight cancer.

The immune system is made up of two arms – the innate and adaptive immune systems. They work together to address threats in the body, including cancers, with responses that are either immediate and generalized (innate) or launched in response to specific, recognized enemies (adaptive).

Most immunotherapies leverage adaptive immunity, but adaptive immune responses are hyper-specific and alone may not be able to overcome evasive mutations or defenses in cancers. The innate immune system, through continued engagement, has the power to activate both innate and downstream adaptive immune responses.

At Takeda Oncology, we aim to introduce new classes of immunotherapies that that can enhance innate immunity and deploy both arms of the immune system to produce deep, durable responses in patients.

Learn more about the role innate immunity plays in the cancer immunity cycle below.

The Cancer Immunity Cycle Explained

The innate and adaptive immune systems work together to orchestrate a powerful cycle that, if successful, results in cancer cell death. Researchers at Takeda Oncology are exploring the untapped power of the innate immune system through multiple development programs that aim to transform this emerging science into therapies that can outsmart cancer and help patients live longer lives.

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