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Scientific Platforms

Our Scientific Platforms

Our pipeline focuses on novel strategies that leverage the power of the immune system. Our programs include:

  • STING Agonists: STING (selective agonist of STimulator of INterferon Genes) modulation and targeted delivery of STING agonists can influence key interferon signaling pathways and have the potential to drive an immune-mediated, anti-tumor response via multiple innate and adaptive immune mechanisms. In addition, STING agonists have the potential to enhance these anti-tumor effects by relieving immunosuppressive elements in the tumor microenvironment.
  • Innate Immune Cell Platforms: Cell therapy approaches in oncology involve treating a patient with immune cells that have been optimized to target tumor cells. We are focused on developing allogeneic cell therapies, which can be derived from external sources and serve as a treatment for many patients. These types of treatments have the potential to be delivered “off-the-shelf” for patients at the time they need therapy and improve upon several aspects of existing cell therapies.
  • Tumor-Selective Cell Engagers: Immune cell engagers are conditional bispecific molecules engineered to specifically activate immune system attack at the surface of a tumor. We are developing T cell engagers engineered to take advantage of the tumor’s unique microenvironment to drive T cell activation, triggering cell-mediated killing only at the site of the tumor.

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