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Scientific Platforms

For illustrative purposes only. Adaptive and innate cell cycle immune responses within the tumor microenvironment.

Our Scientific Platforms

Our pipeline focuses on novel strategies that leverage the power of the immune system, with a focus on innate immunity.

Our immunotherapy programs designed to investigate the potential of this approach fall under two pillars – innate immunity enhancers and redirected immunity approaches.

Innate Immunity Enhancers

Our innate immunity enhancer programs include investigational immunotherapies that aim to transform and drive immune responses at the tumor interface. Through novel therapeutic approaches targeted at a patient’s immune system, we aim to shift the tumor microenvironment so that immune cells are able to overcome immune suppression and attack cancer cells. One part of the body’s immune response, interferon signaling, utilizes cytokine proteins known as interferons to activate innate and adaptive immune cells. These mechanisms play an important role in our innate immunity enhancer programs, which include:

Redirected Immunity Approaches

Our redirected immunity programs mobilize immune cells to carry out broad attacks against tumor cells. These immunotherapy programs build upon earlier generations of cancer therapies and aim to address solid tumors in addition to hematologic malignancies. Our redirected immunity programs include:

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