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Clinical Trials

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Our Clinical Trials

A clinical trial is a type of research study designed to determine if an investigational medicine is safe, how it works in the body and if it works to treat a specific disease. Please visit ClinicalTrials.Takeda.com to learn more about our ongoing clinical trials evaluating our investigational medicines and to access information on past clinical trials.

This dedicated clinical trial website serves as a resource for patients, medical professionals, researchers and others interested in learning about past and ongoing clinical trials. It provides information about our policies and values as we carry out clinical research and our commitment to integrity and transparency. By providing access to clinical trial protocol information and summary results, we seek to provide clinical research transparency to spur scientific innovation, improve medical care and build public trust.

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IIRs: Investigator 
Initiated Research 

Takeda provides support for unsolicited, independent clinical and basic science research that addresses important medical and scientific questions related to our compounds and therapeutic areas of interest through our Investigator Initiated Research (IIR) program

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Expanded Access to Investigational Medicines

Consistent with Takeda-ism, we are committed to providing safe, fair and sustainable patient access to our medicines at different stages of development. In some cases, Takeda may be able to provide patients access to its investigational medicines outside of a clinical trial if certain conditions are met.

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How to Request Access to Investigational Medicines

Licensed healthcare professionals  in areas outside of where the medicines are approved who are interested in the following Takeda investigational medicines may request further information using the below contact details.

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For requests to other Takeda investigational drugs, please email [email protected]

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