Embracing Patient Resources 

As part of Takeda Oncology’s ongoing commitment to putting patients first, we strive to connect people navigating a cancer diagnosis, their care partners and healthcare providers with the information and support they seek to help patients feel empowered in their care decisions. There are a number of valuable oncology resources to help identify the right people, tools and education based on the disease: 


A Fresh Chapter | 

American Cancer Society | 

CancerCare | 

Cancer Support Community | 

European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) | 

European Patient Forum | 

Eurordis | 

Family Reach | 

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) | 

Triage Cancer | 

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia 

The Max Foundation | 

Lung Cancer 

ACS Lung Cancer Roundtable |  

ALK Positive | 

American Lung Association | 

EGFR Resisters | 

Exon 20 Group | 

Global Lung Cancer Coalition | 

Global Resource for Advancing Cancer Education (GRACE) | 

GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer | 

LUCE – Lung Cancer Europe | 

LUNGevity | 

Lung Cancer Foundation of America | 

Lung Cancer Research Foundation | 


Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | 

Lymphoma Coalition | 

Lymphoma Research Foundation | 

Multiple Myeloma 

International Myeloma Foundation | 

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation | 

Myeloma Crowd | 

Myeloma Patients Europe |   

Takeda Oncology is not affiliated with these organizations. By listing these resources, Takeda Oncology is not endorsing any particular service or group, and we are not responsible for the content of these sites or services. They are provided here for informational purposes and are not meant to replace your healthcare provider's medical advice. 

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