Since 1993, we have entered into a number of major partnerships that encompass in- and out-licensing, collaborative research, co-development and co-promotion agreements.

We bring significant strengths and experience as a partner: our history as a biotech company, a bold entrepreneurial drive, the broad resources and network of a global pharmaceutical company and a proven development track record.


We have a particular interest in pursuing science that fundamentally changes the way the oncology community approaches the treatment of cancer. We welcome opportunities to collaborate on discoveries in the following areas:

  • Indications of Interest:

    We are interested in new therapies for multiple myeloma; other hematological malignancies; solid tumors—gastrointestinal (GI), genitourinary (GU), lung and breast cancers; novel targeted payload approaches—antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), peptide-drug conjugates (PDCs), CD3 engagers, etc.; novel immune-oncology approaches and novel approaches targeting protein homeostasis.
  • Stage of Development:

    We will consider breakthrough science in the preclinical or clinical phase.

  • Commercial Relationship:

    We are primarily focused on global partnerships. For marketed or near-marketed products, we will also consider partnerships that are limited to Japan given Takeda's preeminent position and ability to maximize commercial value of products in the Japanese market.

We are open to different collaboration structures, and always seek to address both our own and our partners' strategic needs in every collaboration we pursue.

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