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Grants and Donations

Grants and Donations

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Takeda Oncology knows that having strong partners will help us achieve our aspiration to cure cancer over time, with hard work and dedicated research. By working with others who share our aspirations, we believe we can drive progress and achieve even greater impact for the patient communities we serve. That's why we support a variety of programs that are aligned with our goals and designed to advance initiatives that will help people living with cancer achieve optimal health outcomes, including health care provider and patient education, independent scientific initiatives, sponsorships, and charitable donations.

Disease Areas of Interest

Takeda Oncology reviews grant requests across multiple disease areas; however, priority will be given to programs and activities in the following areas:


  • Multiple Myeloma

  • Lymphoma, including Hodgkin Lymphoma and T-cell Lymphoma

  • Leukemia, including Chronic Myeloid Leukemia and Ph+ Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Solid Tumors: 

  • Lung cancer, including ALK+ NSCLC 
  • Previously treated metastatic colorectal cancer

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Call for Grants

Takeda currently does not have an open Call for Grants.


For questions related to medical grants and donations, please reach out to: [email protected].

For non-medical requests, please reach out to: [email protected]. Takeda Oncology supports programs that offer scientific and developmental activities including research initiatives (outside of clinical trials), corporate councils and subsidies for independent third-party educational or professional meetings.

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