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Policies and Practices

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Living Our Values Everyday

Takeda believes that, in addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, it is essential for Takeda employees and executives to conduct business in line with the highest ethical and moral standards.

We are guided by our values of Takeda-ism which incorporate Integrity, Fairness, Honesty and Perseverance, with integrity at the core. They are brought to life through actions based on Patient-Trust-Reputation-Business, in that order.

Takeda Values and Corporate Governance

Takeda Values and Corporate Governance

Takeda is proud to have a values-based culture as its strong foundation. And we understand our responsibility to meet the highest standards of ethical behavior at all times, because everything we do impacts the most vital aspect of people’s lives — their health. This is reflected in our purpose: better health for people, brighter future for the world.

In addition to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, our employees and executives take personal accountability for upholding the company’s values and for making decisions that benefit patients, colleagues and society. At Takeda, this is expressed through our Values—Takeda-ism (Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, Perseverance) that are brought to life through actions based on Patient, Trust, Reputation, Business, in that order.

To set a standard, we established the Takeda Global Code of Conduct, which embodies what we stand for and how we conduct ourselves. It sets out the principles we must follow every day and guides us to take actions​ that will stand the test of time. The Global Code of Conduct applies to all Takeda employees and enables all of us to make everyday decisions we can be proud of today and the future​​, in line with our Values.

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Our Drug Pricing Approach

Our approach to pricing medicines reflects our strong commitment to bringing the right treatment options to patients who may benefit from them. When setting prices, we aim to make our medicines accessible to as many patients as possible, while recognizing the value they bring to patients, providers and the overall healthcare system.

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State Resources

Compliance with state law requirements is an important feature of Takeda's Ethics & Compliance Program. Visit Takeda.com for information relating to our state compliance efforts.

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Takeda Ethics Line

We established the Takeda Ethics Line that is available to all employees around the world 24 hours a day. Employees can contact the Ethics Line and ask a question or voice a concern, and Takeda has a policy of non-retaliation for any employee who raises a concern in good faith.

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