Our Approach to Harnessing Innate Immunity

The power of the immune system to fight disease has intrigued scientists for centuries, but we have only scratched the surface of what is possible when we harness its power to fight cancer. At Takeda Oncology, we aim to broaden the impact of immunotherapies by exploring the untapped potential of the innate immune system.

The innate immune system serves as the body’s first defense mechanism against disease and has the power to orchestrate a broad arsenal of cell types and mechanisms that may help to overcome cancer’s ability to evade immune recognition.

Learn more about the role innate immunity plays in the cancer immunity cycle below.

Cancer Immunity Cycle Animation

The innate and adaptive immune systems work together to orchestrate a powerful cycle that, if successful, results in cancer cell death. Researchers at Takeda Oncology are exploring the untapped power of the innate immune system through multiple development programs that aim to transform this emerging science into therapies that can outsmart cancer and help patients live longer lives.

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Why Innate Immunity Could Be the Key to Improving Cancer Care

Cancer is clever, and it can evade and suppress therapies that employ the adaptive immune system—one of the two interdependent arms of the immune system. By exploring the innate immune system, researchers could give modern medicine powerful new tools to fight cancer.

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Lessons From Evolution: From Innate Immunity to Novel Cancer Immunotherapies

From the day we are born, the innate immune system serves as the body’s first defense mechanism against disease. By harnessing the untapped power of the innate immune system to attack cancer, the scientific community may be able to leverage additional mechanisms and tools that evolution has made available.

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Harnessing the Innate Immune System to Outsmart Cancer

Immuno-oncology research and discovery are at an inflection point. More than ever before, we are cognizant of the opportunity and responsibility to seek out the most promising innovation – wherever it may be – and to couple this with our drug development capabilities so as to advance cancer care.

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