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Reimagining Our Teams to Do Right by Patients

Reimagining Our Teams to Do Right by Patients

The field of oncology moves fast. In just a few decades, groundbreaking discoveries have revolutionized how we approach cancer treatment and inspired countless developments. However, we as an industry have to close the gap between scientific innovation and patient access to make a real difference for people living with cancer.

At Takeda Oncology, we consistently evaluate how we function internally to provide true value for patients. For example, in 2019, we recognized an opportunity to optimize how our access strategy teams were structured to meet the rapidly changing needs of patients and bring treatments to people living with cancer as quickly as possible.

To accomplish this, the previously independent functions of Patient Access, Pricing, Policy, Advocacy and Health Economics became one global team within Takeda Oncology, empowered to think about payment, access and benefits as innovatively as we think about therapeutic development. Learn more about the five core areas of focus for the Global Oncology Patient Value, Policy and Access (PVPA) team below:


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Access is a crucial starting point and involves engaging with R&D early in the development process to inform clinical study design, identify real world evidence needs, and seek input from payers, patient advocates and others to ensure the medicines we develop bring value to these key stakeholders. This area also engages with commercial and government payers to demonstrate value and establish access to our innovative.

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Pricing builds on the foundation the access team establishes to seek solutions, including value-based strategies, innovative financing arrangements, and other partnerships with commercial and public payers, to broaden access to our innovative medicines.

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Advocacy enables partnership with the patient advocacy community, beginning with early development, to identify and understand patient priorities and barriers, appropriately tailoring our access strategy to reflect the priorities and needs of the patients we serve.

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Policy partners on policy solutions that support sustainable and equitable access for the diverse patient populations eligible for our medicines.

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Health Economics

Health Economics generates the evidence for how we translate the value of our innovative medicines to payers across all markets, with the ultimate goal of expanding access for our patients while minimizing the time to reimbursement. Health Economics also practices evidence-based decision making to influence the design of clinical development programs and supports sustainable value-based pricing.

“By integrating our access, pricing, policy, advocacy and health economics functions into one collaborative team and prioritizing our focus areas, we’ve effectively reimagined the way we can approach our solutions for patients,” said Liz Lewis, Head, of Global Oncology PVPA at Takeda Oncology. “The integration has broadened our impact, improved collaboration inside and outside of the organization and enabled us to consider patient needs and perspectives every step of the way, from therapeutic R&D through launch.”

The integration of the PVPA team is just one example of how Takeda Oncology has embraced the everchanging oncology landscape and continues to seek ways to better serve patients who rely on our medicines. We will continue to evolve as the world around us does, but our aspiration will always remain the same – to outsmart cancer once and for all. Click here to learn more about how we prioritize the interest of people living with cancer.

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