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Addressing Financial Toxicity in Cancer Care | Takeda Oncology │ Leadership │ Video

Financial Toxicity: A Debilitating Side Effect of Cancer Care

The unspoken struggle of many people living with cancer lies in the financial burdens they face and the tough choices they must make for themselves and their loved ones as a result. Financial toxicity – the adverse financial effects of a cancer diagnosis – extends well beyond medical costs and is inclusive of daily living expenses including housing, transportation and food. How can the oncology community come together to address a health inequity this vast and complex for patients worldwide?

During a fireside chat for The Atlantic, Takeda Oncology’s Dion Warren, Vice President, Head, U.S. Oncology Business Unit, met with Carla Tardif, CEO of Family Reach, to answer this important question and discuss how partnerships can play a key role in addressing financial disparities among people living with cancer.

Watch the chat below.

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