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Embracing Innovation: How Today's Tech is Transforming Translational Medicine for Cancer Patients | Takeda Oncology │ Leadership │ Podcast

Embracing Innovation: How Today’s Tech is Transforming Translational Medicine for Patients with Cancer

Innovations in data, digital and technology continue to drive the latest advancements in oncology research, propelling us into the future of therapeutic development and identifying ways to more efficiently deliver new medicines to patients. As we learn to apply the tools provided by this field, we are offered the chance to discover and establish improved standards of care for people living with cancer. How can we use the latest technology to enhance our medicines and make a real difference in the lives of patients?

Listen to Takeda’s Christine Ward, Ph.D., Head of Oncology and Cell Therapy Precision & Translational Medicine, and Julie Dixon, Ph.D., Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, as they answer this question and reflect on how data, digital and technology is transforming their work and redefining possibilities for the next era of oncology.