Our Employees

While oncology may be a data-driven therapeutic area, people are at the heart of everything we do. It is our people, culture and the relationships we build internally and externally that transform challenges into successes and have enabled us to become the pioneering leader we are today.

At our headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Takeda Oncology's dedicated R&D function, called the Oncology Therapeutic Area Unit (OTAU), fosters scientific collaboration around the world to discover and build our leading oncology pipeline. Our team includes some of the world's finest thought leaders in protein homeostasis, medicinal chemistry, biology and clinical sciences. Our scientists have been published in the industry's leading scientific journals, sit on editorial boards and boards of directors of leading institutions and speak at international symposia.

Our commercial and marketing teams, sales representatives and medical and patient support services represent the broad spectrum of talent necessary to achieve progress against cancer in the very corners of life — doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals — where the people who rely on our products find themselves day-to-day.

Our flexible and adaptable environment encourages our employees to seek a variety of opportunities for short-and long-term professional and personal growth. Retaining, developing and attracting talent are priorities for Takeda Oncology, because we know that relatively small and dedicated teams can propel oncology products to blockbuster status — and it all starts with the right people.