With more than 1,300 people dedicated to oncology, our people and culture are an integral part of our long-term success.

We combine rigorous science, innovative commercial operations and the aspiration of transforming cancer from a serious disease to a treatable illness in our efforts to develop novel medicines — all while working with people brimming with passion and intellect. This is fundamental to our culture and something that is carefully protected and enriched by our leadership.

Starting with our senior leadership, our unique, vibrant and enterprising culture flows through our organization with great vigor and resiliency. Individually and collectively, our senior leaders embody our genuine commitment to patients and our corporate philosophy and personality — how we act and interact, what we are committed to and how we conduct our business.

Throughout our organization, we believe that our work is more than just a job, because we focus on what's important first: the people who rely on our novel medicines. The rest builds upon itself through our integrity, perseverance and aspiration.