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to raising awareness and funds for vital blood cancer research and advocacy organizations dedicated to the blood cancer community.

Learn about a few of our initiatives below.

Music 2 Fight Myeloma

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Music 2 Fight Myeloma

Takeda Oncology

Music 2 Fight Myeloma (M2FM) is an initiative at Takeda Oncology that unites the power of music with digital and social media efforts to amplify awareness about multiple myeloma, and raise funds for vital blood cancer research and advocacy organizations dedicated to myeloma.

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Rock Out and Join the Revolution

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma

Takeda Oncology, CURE Media Group, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

Moving Mountains for Multiple Myeloma (MM4MM) is a collaboration between CURE Media Group, Takeda Oncology and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) to raise awareness and funds for myeloma research.

To raise awareness and funds for multiple myeloma research, Takeda Oncology is partnering with myeloma patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, and loved ones to hike some of the world’s most difficult terrain. Through these efforts we are showing that advancements for this type of cancer are being made no matter how challenging. Recent hikes include Mount Kilimanjaro, the Grand Canyon, Peru’s Machu Picchu and Mount Fuji. The team will take on Mount Everest in March 2018.

Rushing Toward a Cure

Season XII

Rushing Toward a Cure

Takeda Oncology, Patriots Radio Network, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

At the end of each summer, we kick off our Rushing Toward a Cure (RTC) season. The program launched in 2006 in partnership with the Patriots Radio Network (WBZ 98.5) and our local chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

With RTC, Takeda Oncology donates $1000 to the LLS for every 100 rushing yards gained by the New England Patriots during the pre, regular, and post-seasons. This money helps fund vital blood cancer research, patient services, and education programs.

3 Points for Patients

3 Points for Patients

3 Points for Patients

Takeda Oncology, 98.5 The Sports Hub, Boston Celtics

3 Points for Patients was a Takeda Oncology initiative with 98.5 The Sports Hub and the Boston Celtics that took place during the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 NBA seasons.

For every 3-pointer scored by the Celtics during their regular season, Takeda Oncology donated $33 to the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF). In total, 1,702 3-pointers were made and $50,000 was raised to help create awareness about myeloma and fund vital blood cancer research, patient services and educational programs.