Supplier Diversity

"We recognize that purchasing goods and services from a diverse range of businesses is an important way to contribute to the economic strength of the communities where we live, work and do business. This includes fostering and maintaining relationships with small, minority or women-owned businesses. These partnerships enable us to drive innovation and assist us in achieving our mission of striving towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in medicine."
Phillip Duncan
Chief Procurement Officer

Our Program

Our supplier diversity program is a reflection of our Core Values—Diversity, Teamwork, Commitment, Transparency, Passion, and Innovation. These values describe who we are and the way we conduct ourselves in our company, our community and in our business environment.

We have a mission to strive towards better health for people worldwide through leading innovation in oncology and delivering novel medicines. Partnering with a diverse range of suppliers provides overall value within our procurement process and contributes to this mission by giving Takeda access to new and innovative products and services while optimizing price, quality and availability of products and services, and is in keeping with our overall corporate commitment to responsibility and sustainability.

Our Promise

Takeda is committed to strengthening and sustaining our supplier base in order to maximize the quality and talent available to help us conduct our business. This is accomplished by developing and maintaining partnerships with a range of suppliers who meet our requirements in their specialty areas. Suppliers in the Supplier Diversity Program include but are not limited to small businesses as well as those owned by minorities, women, veterans, service—disabled veterans, people with disabilities and LGBT business owners.

As part of Takeda's Sustainable Procurement Program, the Supplier Diversity Program allows us to invest in the communities in which we live, work and serve. We see it as an opportunity to make a positive impact on our communities by actively searching for opportunities to partner with qualified diverse suppliers or by serving as a mentor to enhance their offering to attract business.

Our Process

Our Supplier Diversity Program is administered by our Global Procurement Group and is embedded in our Global Procurement Policy and our operations. To participate in Takeda's Supplier Diversity Program, contact us at {MAIL}.

Because we purchase a wide range of services, please be sure to note all of the capabilities of your company, and provide copies of your diversity certification(s). If there is a need for the type of product or services that you provide, a Procurement professional may contact you to explore potential opportunities. Please be advised that Takeda selects suppliers from a broad competitive marketplace and providing this information to us does not make your company automatically eligible to participate in our supplier selection or constitute the approval of your company as an authorized Takeda supplier.